Creative Portraits: Self-Photography Series in Self-isolation times #selfself

Creative Portraits: Self-Photography Series in Self-isolation times #selfself

A self-portrait can say a lot about a person. For me, it has always been the most inspiring expression of photography. When I can devote all my time and concentration to developing ideas and implementing them using myself as a model! Not only is it a process that requires a lot of energy and creativity, but it is even sometimes physically complex. For more than one shot, I had to run fast (in 12s – that’s how long my camera timer lasts), towards the chosen spot, and also manage to somehow pose. This has to be done not a few times, but a few dozen times to achieve the desired results.

This photo project made it easier for me to come to terms with the isolation of the Coronavirus and the lack of social life. I suggest everyone try it! Thinking about where to start? Well it is simple. The idea should come first! But I guess really it starts by looking around your environment. You will suddenly notice how a spark can lit up to create something unique and YOUR-like. Sit back, stop where you are now, and see what objects, animals, plants, something around you are shaping your mind. So good luck creating! (If you do create some portraits, give me a message and show the results or tag #selfself in your posts ;))

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