JS Presets Complete Collection



A complete JS Lightroom Presets collection for travel & nature photography, wedding & event photos, people photography, and the special presets with interesting editing techniques. 61 preset in total! Also, you will find a step by step editing video tutorial TO MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU. I process selected photos from various environments. So I can show you how I deal with different lighting conditions and colors. A low level of knowledge of Lightroom is required.


Pilna JS Lightroom Redagavimo presetų kolekcija kelionių, gamtos, žmonių, vestuvių, renginių fotografijai. Iš viso 61 presetas!
Taippat šiame pakete rasi išsamų video gidą kaip naudotis šiais presetais bei kaip juos susikurti pačiam.  Tiesa, jums vistiek reikia turėti bent minimalias Lightroom žinias, kad galėtumėte naudotis šiais presetais.

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What is included?

51 color presets, 10 black and white presets, a video installation guide, a video tutorial on how to create your own presets

How presets work?

Remember that every preset is meant to be as a starting point. Presets work differently on every image depending on the exposure, lighting, colors in the image, etc. You’ll need to adjust some settings, like white balance and exposure under the 'Basic' panel when editing.

Compatible software?

The presets (in XMP-files) are compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (Release 7.3 and higher), Lightroom CC, Lightroom CC for mobile and Adobe Photoshop CC. They work with RAW images as well as JPEG's.

How to buy?

Pay using PayPal (Debit or Credit Card). If you prefer another payment method, please contact me via e-mail. The file of the presets is available for download right after the payment. Please note before you buy: due to the digital nature of the products, all sales are final. There are no refunds or returns.

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