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The Blue Swan

The Blue Swan

Every photographer deep inside his heart dreams about taking pictures of ballerina, somewhere in the beautiful magical place that everything would look perfect. Yes. Me too.

So I got a request for a personal photoshoot. We chatted with that girl for a while and only later she mentioned that she also dances ballet. It had to be the first thing to mention! Ballerinas..I love ballerinas!

As you probably understood, my model was a ballet dancer. I was really excited about the shoot. I got more excited when I got to know that this girl has a car and can drive all of us (me, my friend and make-up artist) anywhere. So we chose a really nice park which name unfortunately I don’t remember..but it was a big park with several ponds and small lakes as well as cute tiny paths through the forest.

The weather was just perfect for the shoot, partly clouds, really weak wind and quite warm. Of course the model had to wear only ballerina’s tutu which means for her it was not so warm, but this is the price for the good photos!

The shoot went really well. We even managed to see a deer in the woods. I was hoping to take a quick shot (photo shot) of it, unfortunately it is not so easy to set up right settings on your camera.

Along with the photos, my friend and sometimes I recorded some footage from the photoshoot. So you can have a look at both photos and a short video from that magical day.


Photographer: Justina Smile Photography
Model: Rhiannon-Louise Tindal
Make up artist: Rachel Wilson MUA
Assistant: Laura Palling
Date: 2014 10 20