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Forest Tales

Forest Tales


Every photographer has some ideas which they want to fulfill, however usually they are taking monotonic pictures of families, couples, birthdays…so this is me, dreaming about the photoshoot which would have an idea, something from the fantasy world… Finally I came with the ginger girls idea-4 gingers dressed like from the fairy tale living in the forest, sounds quite amazing hah?

So I started my search for ginger girls. To be frank, I expected that it will be much easier, as it is Scotland, here are much more ginger people when in most of other countries. However, I mainly got the response from the redheads (not ginger) or older adults which expected to be involved. The idea of the photoshoot had to be completed with young, pale, nice looking gingers, you know, as from the fairy tales!

After the long search I found 4 girls, which seemed perfect for this kind of shoot.  I asked them to find as many vintage or old look accessories as possible. One girl brought a vintage chair, wall watch, pile of old thick books, candles and also she was wearing a vintage old and classic looking dress. Of course other models also prepared really well and after we brought together everything we had, we were ready for my shoot.

We found a mysterious looking spot in Templeton woods. We decorated the environment with the accessories we brought and we could already feel that mystique fantastic mood! After lighting up the candles, the preparation was totally complete.

The only problem we had was weather (as always) because it was pretty cold and also seemed like it was going to rain. We avoided the rain, but the girls were freezing and we could not waste time, so all shoot was done in a rush.

Anyway, the results appeared to be pretty amazing I could say!

Photographer: Justina Smile Photography
Models: Fiona Lindsay Sarah Johnstone Laura Duncan Hannah Young
Make up artist: Anzelika Dauksevic
Hair stylist: Monika Kalinauskaitė
Assistant: Aleksandras Vyšniauskas
2013 10 20