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Joy of Life

Joy of Life

Joy of life

Both me and model decided to do the nature shoot, so considering there are not too many wild spots in Dundee, we chose Victoria’s park as our shoot location.

According to the weather forecast, we expected to get some sun in the middle of the shoot, so I was prepared with a sun reflector, but also brought with me an umbrella, as Scottisch weather is not the nicest one!

Finally. The sun showed its’ beauty. So as we knew it will not stay long, we quickly chose the nicest spot, chose the best pose for the shot, turned the reflector with a right angle and of course suddenly it started raining… For a moment I felt disappointed for what this tricky Scottish weather did, but then I realised that probably there is nothing more beautiful than rain and sun together…so here we are, sun, rain, pink petals everywhere and just a perfect mood for the shoot.

Of course in the end, when all ideas were finalised, my model’s feet were all muddy as I asked her to be with no shoes for fulfilling the idea, but the reflector is a really practical thing apparently. It is not only for directing the sun rays but also helps out in the rain, or serves as a chair…anyway, the shoot was amazing and now it is time for you to decide whether you like the results 🙂

Photographer: Justina Smile Photography
Model: Arina Rjabinskaja
Place: Dundee
Date: 2014.05.13