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The Blossoming Art

The Blossoming Art

I know this model for quite a long time now to notice what an unusual character she is. That day we met in cemetery and I saw her from far away as she was wearing really bright yellow costume, yes all dressed up in yellow! I thought it is amazing that there are people who have their own style and they are not afraid of being criticized, but in this case, I could tell only good comments about her outfit.

Anyway, our plan was to do an artistic shoot in the cemetery with her paintings. We chose the most beautiful spot-blossoming trees, which perfectly fit next to the pink and yellow coloured paintings. Everything looked perfect so the only thing we had to do was to choose the right pose for the photo and simply click the button…

However as always nothing can go perfectly. We noticed that the storm clouds are coming towards us so we had to rush even we had not started! Actually, the clouds were not the main issue we encountered. We noticed one woman who seemed really interested in what we are doing and it looked like she is going to say something, of course that is what happened. Apparently she was a blogger traveling around Scotland and giving interviews to the people she is interested in. Everything would seem alright, just that those clouds almost had covered all the sky and our last chance to get some sunlight was totally stolen from us, as the lady talked a lot, and I mean it.

Thus, as we still had some hope to get some pictures before rain, we quickly told the lady that it is enough of interviewing as we had some work to do, but of course she was really disappointed and even seemed mad and literally ran away.

Finally, we were alone and were ready to take few shots. Unfortunately we managed to do maximum 5 pictures and we had to run and hide under the roof as the paintings are not getting along with rain really well. In the end of the shoot we came back to the same amazing spot and did few more shots.

Oh well, this shoot was not as we planned, but I think the results look pretty interesting, so have a look!

Photographer: Justina Smile Photography
Model: Žydrūnė Auksoriūtė
Place: Dundee
2014 04 06