It’s Klounastik – Halloween Photoshoot in Kaunas

It’s Klounastik – Halloween Photoshoot in Kaunas

It’s a collaborative photoshoot to celebrate Halloween. The story is about 2 clowns living in a lockdown, who finally managed to escape to freedom. We show their journey to the city, where they soon discover their paradise location – the amusement park. However, as we all know, freedom has its price. They are not alone in the amusement park, there is another clown!

Creative team:

Hair stylist: Elinga Regailaitė Kirpėja ElingaRe.

Makeup Artist: Diana Miliauskienė Makeup Artist Di.Mi.

Stylist: Vaiva Vilimaitė

Photographer: Justina Smile Photography

Models: Eglė @elleemorr ir Edita @rasos.laselis

Photoshoot video:
Video operator: SkrisPhotography

Video editor: Justina Smile Photography




Commercial, Fashion, Lifestyle

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